ELNET joins forces with CAM: Actions Matter Summit in Vienna

Jewish communities should be able to live free from hatred, abuse, and violence both online and offline.

Unfortunately, studies and reports show a deeply disturbing rise of antisemitism worldwide, whereas the most virulent form remains Israel-related antisemitism. Since October 7, this hatred has reached an unprecedented systematic level, which can also be witnessed in the riots on university campuses.

According to The Israel Survey 2024, an ELNET research project that surveys members of parliament (MPs) across Europe, a majority of European MPs (53 percent; 72 percent of German MPs) view Israel-related antisemitism as a significant problem in their country.

Consequently more and more countries in Europe and all over the world adopt national strategies and actions to combat antisemitism. But is this enough? Antisemitic incidents have been constantly climbing since October 7. Some countries seem to be dealing better with this challenge than others. But antisemitism does not stop at national borders. There is a vital need for a joint international effort to exchange best practices and fight antisemitism.

Against this background, ELNET joins forces with the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) to host the second Actions Matter – The International Antisemitism Summit. Leading decision makers from Europe, Israel, and the USA are scheduled to attend this workshop-driven conference in December 2024 in Vienna. Over 100 experts from politics, science, and civil society organizations will discuss ways to fight antisemitism effectively. The goal is to learn from best practices and develop strategies and recommendations into an Action Plan for political decision makers, as the Antisemitism Summit in 2023 accomplished, too.

Please mark your calendar now!

Actions Matter – The International Antisemitism Summit
December 11-12, 2024
Vienna, Austria

Further details and information on the speakers and the program will be continuously updated here.